Steel Balls

Steel Balls

Scientific Alloys offers an array of steel balls in diameters 0.2mm (0.008”) – 2.5mm (0.100”) and larger for some compositions based on specific customer requirements.  This includes the more common Austenitic Steels in the 200 and 300 Grade range which contain nickel for ductility and formability.  They are often chosen for strength or corrosion resistance, based on the amount of carbon in the alloy (H for High L for Low).  Some of our most popular balls are in the 302, 304, and 304L grades. 

Ferritic steels in the 400-Series, have a low carbon content, are almost always magnetic and are often chosen when resistance to corrosion is paramount.  Examples include 410, 410ss and 434 grade steel balls. 

Also in the 400-series, we can offer certain martensitic steel balls which contain various levels of chromium, higher levels of carbon, and prove useful due to the enormous range of hardness and strengths. These levels can be individually tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

Scientific Alloys processes are versatile and adaptable. We can fabricate balls out of many different types and grades of copper, silver, brass, titanium, and nickel-based alloys. These are often customer supplied based on specification and process requirement.

Applications for steel balls are enormous in scope. They are used in consumer goods like pens and games, for all types of precision valves and ball bearings, and have increased demand in electrical, electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. They are used as electrical contacts, in component assemblies, microelectronic interconnects, automotive sub-assemblies, even sensing applications.