Low Melting Point/Fusible Solder Spheres


Low Temperature Solder Spheres


Scientific Alloys manufactures precision spheres, both eutectic and non-eutectic, along the low temperature or fusible melting point ranges of 183 Deg F – 361.4 Deg F (50 Deg C – 122 Deg C), and they typically consist of four constituent elements, Tin, Lead, Bismuth, and Indium.  Small amounts of silver are sometimes mixed in to improve joint strength without significantly raising melting temperature.  Some are Lead-Free.  Low temperature alloys are important in surface mount assembly processes for products that experience less than harsh temperature environments, or high reliability temperature sensitive components like fusible melt-out elements or fusible plugs in safety devises like sprinkler heads and safety doors.  Fusible alloy can also be used in anchoring/work holding applications when special or irregularly shaped parts are machined.  There has also been considerable interest in the use of lead-free fusible solder spheres for electronic assemblies when melting temperatures below the typical lead/tin eutectic solder are desired or possible.