Company Overview

As one of the World’s leading solder sphere and precision ball manufacturers, it is Scientific Alloys' mission to produce flawless spheres from precious and non-precious materials. We take pride in our superior, highly evolved manufacturing process, and incorporate SPC throughout our work. The SAC Quality Team is dedicated to nothing less than unwavering consistency over time. Our results are extraordinary reflecting the fact that our standards are among the highest in the industry. When it comes to capability, Scientific Alloys will ALWAYS push the limit. As a result, we boast a level of versatility unmatched in the industry.


Company History





In 1981 two friends and colleagues, one a mechanical engineer, the other a computer scientist and computer engineer decided to combine their various disciplines and form a company they believed could fill an important niche in the electronics and electronics assembly industries. They created Scientific Alloys Corporation. It was at that time when commercial and consumer electronics capability began to take a quantum leap and these men knew they had to get out in front it all.

The company’s roots are varied and extensive. While making solder spheres from the very beginning, they manufactured lead-based powders for solder-paste. This was where the company first learned how to work in the very small. At that time Scientific Alloys also produced different glass based materials for the aerospace industry and many of the first LCD screen manufacturers. Scientific Alloys even had a stampings division where they made materials for some of the first wafer technologies and some of the earliest evolutions of basic electronic packaging technologies. Scientific Alloys has thus evolved over the years, and the pioneering attitude of its owners and their wealth of experience establishing new manufacturing technologies has cultivated our spirit. As a company we have been ushered into this world of precision micro-technology through the integration of “old world” ingenuity, creativity, and grit, with modern technological advances, improved metrics for continual assessment and evolved quality systems to assure consistency up and down the supply line.



Shipping AlloysScientific Alloys processes are tightly controlled, continuously improved and designed for versatility.  This allows us to produce the highest quality spheres from low melting point bismuth based alloys to high melting point brazing alloys and beyond.  Our team prides itself on producing spheres with bright and shiny surfaces, to strict customer tolerances, and inspected to ensure consistent overall dimensional accuracy. Our spheres and balls are always produced with the highest quality raw materials, responsibly sourced, complete with Certificates of Analysis and Compliance to ensure customer control along the entire supply chain.



Sexy SpheresSolder and braze spheres used for joints perform as electrical, thermal, and mechanical interconnections in electronic systems used in the telecommunication, computer, avionics and automotive industries. Additionally precious metal spheres can be used to solder jewelry and have an array of medical instrumentation and procedural applications due to their biocompatibility and high resistance to fatigue. Spheres can also serve very effectively as packing media in many cryogenic applications where super low temperature environments are created and/or maintained, such as cryogenic pumps, cryo-refrigeration systems, and second stage displacers.

Shipping Storage and Availability

Scientific Alloys typically offers 1 to 2 week delivery times on most orders but can adjust lead time per order/delivery based on available stock, projections, long-term purchase orders/contracts with release schedules….ect.  Spheres are commonly packaged in glass jars backfilled with argon, but can accommodate specific customer requirements.