Brazing/High Melting Point Solder Spheres


High Temperature Solder Spheres


In addition to manufacturing both lead based and lead-free spheres along the “soldering” melting points 362 Deg F – 842 Deg F ( 183 Deg C – 450 Deg C), Scientific Alloys can produce a variety of high temperature solder spheres and preforms for level 1 interconnects, die-attach soldering, step soldering, or as contact balls or switches. Our high-melting point spheres are perfect for creating incredibly strong leak tight, corrosion resistant joints required for applications like hermetic sealing. They are made from alloys with melting points typically between 843 Deg F – 1,100 Deg F (450 Deg C – 594 Deg C). We make pure silver, pure copper, silver/copper, pure gold, gold/tin, tin/copper; basically any standard or custom variation, and some of them can be sized as small as .003” +/- .0005 (.076mm +/- .0127mm). Our spheres can also be electroplated and/or coated with a variety of metals or alloys to suit customer needs. Scientific Alloy’s high temperature spheres are perfect for the high joint integrity and/or electrical conductivity required for microelectronic interconnection applications.