Additional Products


Specific applications often demand solder in pre-designed shapes other than spheres or segments. Our solder preforms typically come in split rings, disk, square, or rectangular shapes and are produced and inspected to tight specifications to assure dimensional accuracy.



Precision Segments

Precision cut wire segments can be useful for soldering when spheres are not required. SAC custom chopping machines can cut precision segments of almost any wire alloy or pure metal to specifications as tight as +/- .004”. Precious metal segments or “slugs” also have a number of medical applications. Segments can also be produced from flux-core wire.


Fiducial Markers for Medical Imaging

Precious metal or titanium based, these markers can have a variety of shapes and sizes and are extremely useful in medical imaging when implanted in soft tissue tumors and used for a point of reference between various types of imaging in order to either pinpoint tumor lesion position or as a measuring tool.